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AN INTEGRATED approach TO envisioning, DESIGNing, AND DEVELOPing your project

We work together with our clients to turn their ideas into reality, with minimum cost and time. Our integrated approach means that all our specialists are involved in your project from day one. Finance, cost managemnet and real estate advisory are not “saved for later”.

We want to make sure that everything makes sense, and all design and construction decisions will be well informed by miticulous project management framework.


architecture & design

Intelligent and integrated design processes to elevate expectations


development management

A holistic framework to seamlessly deliver maximized value


project & Construction management

Taking the vision to reality efficiently and accurately



Helping clients framing their vision, organizing resources and setting up their objectives for success


architecture & design

At MABRX, we see architecture as a living organism and a social media with the ability to reflect and inform, to educate and transform. It is more than the creation of a functional built environment. Designing buildings, inspirational forms and inviting spaces is the best way of creating places that people thrive in.

Our progressive architectural thinking, combined with innovative engineering and efficient project management, paves the way to creating new design solutions where the challenges of the environment, economy, local culture and future aspirations are all well understood and carefully balanced.


We have a rich and varied history of designing mixed use, residential, and commercial buildings, skyscrapers, schools and health facilities in different markets.

Design excellence is central to our thinking and we combine it with an innovative and enquiring approach to meet the more complex agendas of sustainability and modern construction techniques.


Our approach to interior design is simple. It’s about interpreting a client’s needs and optimizing the qualities and opportunities presented by any given space.

We focus on providing high quality solutions where our expertise in brand development, space planning, lighting, material selection and attention to detail is key.

From concept work through to specification and procurement of bespoke and Contract items, we work with public and private developers across a range of hospitality, commercial, mixed use and residential Projects. Integral to our design philosophy is the ability to create environments that maximise flexibility and that are informed by how we live, work and play.

Our Interior Design services includes:

    • Concept and Brand Development
    • Space Planning & Analysis
    • Lighting Design
    • Detail Design
    • Material Selection & Colour Strategy
    • Production of Presentation Materials including Visuals & Sample Boards
    • FF&E Budget Production
    • Production of Outline Specification Information.

SPACE PLANNING & program design

At the very early stages of conceiving any project, we explore all possible varieties of space planning and choose the most efficient, streamlined and flexible models to inform final area programs. A lot of thinking goes into this stage to ensure functional and economical considerations are met.

SUSTAINABLity & environmental responsiveness

Our designs are shaped by the cultural, economic and environmental context the live in. Our holistic design approach addresses the challenges of creating sustainable and environmentally aware buildings with optimized performance with passive and active design measures.


We consider Landscape as a fully integrated design element with any development or project. Our experience is broad ranging; from strategic planning, EIA to detailed design and implementation.

Our landscape team has the creative design skills and specific relevant technical experience in key areas including arid/desert landscapes, irrigation/ passive irrigation, interior/tropical planting design, detailed design and implementation, plant selection/ Contract growing, procurement/implementation and Contract administration.

INTEGRATED multidisciplinary design

Our architects, engineers, building scientists, economists and project managers work hand in hand from the very beginning to transform ideas into buildable realities. Structural and electro-mechanical design teams collaborate with architects in the early stages of design to ensure that the vision is not only inspiring, but practical and economical.


Masterplanning and urban design is the first step in creating attractive liveable environments. Our design philosophy is informed by a passionate interest in place making and the quality of the public realm.

Every site has its own particular brief, setting and set of challenges and each site demands a unique response.

We excel at understanding each development’s setting to help influence and create attractive and positively defined places.

Our experts merge good urban design principles with high quality architecture to create thriving communities and smart cities. 


The future of design will always be inspired by inquisitive and creative human minds. But as technologies advance in an unprecedented pace, machine learning and artificial intelligence offers new tools to explore new horizons in design. We stay on top of our game, and deploy parametric algorithms and applications to explore the unlimited possibilities of adaptive, sensitive and responsive design solutions. 

Using artificial intelligence (AI) software and the computer power of the cloud, generative design enables numerous design options by simply defining their design problem – inputting basic parameters



development management

MABRX provides Development Management Consulting services to suit the client’s needs.  It may be limited to initial Advisory Services such as Strategy and Business Planning, Financial Modelling. Highest and Best Use studies, or a complete holistic service covering all planning, design, construction to handover management. 

This phase concerns two major processes.   Project Initiations and Project Master Scheduling:

i. Project Initiation:

The analysis of market demand, business opportunities and short and long-term strategies and Feasibility Studies.  Leading to “Project Charter”.

ii. Project Master Schedule:

In pursuance with the project charter and the project feasibility studies, a master schedule for the project is formed by taking into consideration the timing of return on investment desired and the objectives of the project.

The schedule will provide a leading role in guiding team efforts through the project phases.


Once the project is approved and initiated, the planning and development phase commences. In this phase the concept of the project is further defined through an iterative process of ongoing feasibility and pre-concept design studies, project criteria are established, conceptual design studies are produced and the work plan of how detailed design, tendering, construction and commissioning phases are to be performed and managed. It includes;

    • Design Phase Planning and Project Planning
    • Basic Design Development
    • BIM project strategy
    • Design Phase Plan (DPP) Development
    • Project Plan (PP) Development
Based on the Project Plan and the strategy for use of various design consultants, together with available in-house resources, Design Management may include;
    • Design Tendering and Award
    • Final Designs Revisions and Approvals
    • Schedule Control
    • Cost Control
    • Financial Control
    • Contracts Administration

Based on the Project Plan and the strategy for Construction Delivery, Construction Management may include;

    • Construction Tendering
    • Cost Control
    • Schedule Control
    • Integrated Change Control
    • Claim Avoidance / Management
    • Information Systems
    • Contract Administration
    • Financial Control
    • Claim Resolution

In coordination with Operations and Facilities Managers, the Development Managers will provide:

    • Commissioning Management
    • Administrative Closure
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project & construction management

MABRX provides the complete range of project/program and construction management services to international standards combined with local market knowledge.

PMCM services are delivered using dynamic systems and digital technologies with a commitment to Best Practices and clear transparency for an effective and excellent result.


Establishing project governance and protocols:

    • Lines of communication
    • Authorization procedures, Responsibility Matrix
    • Work Flows / Forms / Reports / Registers
    • PMIS / EDMS

Establishing the Master Schedule and Controls Procedures:

    • WBS / Master Schedule
    • Design Schedule
    • Key Milestones
    • Construction Schedule
    • Schedule Updates and Variance Reports

Project Manager’s role in managing design in terms of deliverables, cost, schedule and scope:

    • Design Stages
    • Local Authorities’ Requirements
    • Design Coordination
    • Procurement Strategies
    • Value Engineering
    • Change Management

Planning and preparing documentation for well-defined contract documents:

    • Procurement Plan
    • Prequalification / Long List – Short List
    • Tender Documents
    • Scoring System & Tender Report
    • Form of Contracts
    • Contract Documents

All aspects of technical supervision and contract administration throughout the Construction Phase.  Dealing with any number of contractors:

    • Permits & NOCs
    • Construction Documents
    • Project Execution Plan (PEP)
    • Inspection & Testing Procedures
    • QA/QC Plans & Procedures
    • Change Management
    • Procurement Management

Establishing Budgets and Control procedures:

    • Budgeting & Cost Plans
    • Value Engineering Updates
    • Cash Flow Forecasts
    • Pre-Tender Estimate
    • Payment Administration
    • Cost Reports

Contractual and EOT management:

    • Claim Avoidance Strategy
    • Claim Notices
    • Detailed Particulars
    • Delay Analysis
    • Contract Compliance
    • Mediation
    • Testing & Commissioning
    • Final Inspection & Snagging
    • Taking over Certificate
    • Defects Liability Management
    • Close out Report
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MABRX is focused on technology transformation that is revolutionizing the way we live, work and relate to one another.  Referred to as the Fourth Industrial revolution, unlike the previous industrial revolutions, technology transformations are now evolving at an exponential pace and disrupting every industry.  It will be transforming entire systems of production, management, and governance. 

MABRX can help clients keep up with this technology transformation and benefit by it. 


Developing Corporate Strategies and Business Plans for clients such as Design Consultancies, PMCM’s, and Real Estate Developers, at any stage of development or transformation.  It covers Strategy development that includes defining targets and actions and implementation plans. 


Mabrx’s governance, risk and compliance (GRC) services help clients deal withthe broad aspects of corporate governance, enterprise risk management, and effective corporate compliance, while offering specialized assistance in key areas such as corporate frameworks, family wealth planning / succession planning, legal entity establishment and other.

We can help organizations identify, remediate, monitor, exploit and manage enterprise risks in addition to coordinating the utilization of people, process and technology to improve GRC effectiveness and help manage costs.


This Advisory service includes Capabilities Building in terms of Organization and Operations.  Mabrx provides professional expertise to review, assess, develop organizational capabilities in the following areas:

A-  Operating Model

That depicts the capabilities required including product/service range and mix in light of current market opportunity and regulatory requirements. The operating model will serve as the business transformation blueprint.

B – Structure

An organizational and positional structure that will serve as the framework of the company to ensure the performance capability to perform its vital tasks and goals.

C-  Job Description Development

The design and development of detailed job descriptions that clearly describe roles, responsibilities, reporting and coordination lines, and scopes and levels of authority for each position to make sure all individual efforts are groomed and grouped together to accomplish everything the business aims to do.

D- Business Processes and Workflows

Optimize operational efficiency by designing and improving the business processes and workflows for all functions (departments and business units) to increase process speed, reduce cycle time, increase quality, reduce costs.


Digital transformation is at the core of pushing business forward. When done properly, it can help businesses achieve sustainable growth and stay ahead of its competition.

As technology is always evolving, it is difficult to know where to start.  Mabrx will break this down to make the process less complex. 

For Design, PMCM and Property Development, initial steps can be taken to implement Digital Transformation in terms of;

    • BIM 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D and Design Twins
    • PMIS and EDMS systems for paperless project control among all stakeholders
    • Digital scanning to monitor progress
    • ERP and CRM systems

ANALYTICS, AI & Augmented Analytics

Mabrx will help clients to optimize the technologies available within our Fourth Industrial Revolution. 


Augmented analytics is the combination of AI and analytics and is the latest innovation in data analytics.  Data analysis has evolved to having smart  applications that provide actionable insights for decision-making in just a few clicks, thanks to AI. Augmenting by definition means making something greater in strength or value.


Mabrx can help clients to internalize data-driven decision-making while enabling everyone in the organization to easily deal with data. This means AI helps in democratizing data across the enterprise. 


The role of a Program/Project Management Office has proven to be valuable in delivering programs and projects using best in class standards.  Design Consultancies, PMCM Consultancies and Real Estate Development companies may all benefit from having an internal PMO to help deliver projects, and EPMO’s to help the Enterprise manage strategy and change in addition to the PMO functions.


Mabrx may assist clients in designing, establishing and implementing its PMO through a custom program of Capability Building.


Mabrx can design PMO’s that are very practical and purpose made, to applying international PMO standards such as PMI or national programs such as Saudi Arabia’a National PMO standard. (NPMO)

Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)

A Public–private partnership (PPP, or P3) is commonly used when countries wish to privatize industry or assets.

Private companies require expertise to respond to such arrangements and Mabrx can assist in advising technically in terms of cost, schedule, risk management and other.


Smart contracts are simply programs stored on a blockchain that run when predetermined conditions are met.  They typically are used to automate the execution of an agreement so that all participants can be immediately certain of the outcome, without any intermediary’s involvement or time loss. They can also automate a workflow, triggering the next action when conditions are met.


Mabrx is advancing into this technology, as there are numerous potential applications in the Design, PMCM, and Property Development industry.


Mabrx can evaluate the feasibility of introducing and implementing  Smart Contracts in a client’s business model.

selected projects

our work


Our principals have accumulated a large portfolio of projects through their previous leadership roles with world-class companies like Atkins, Faithful & Gould, Tameer, Design Group and other well-recognized names in the industry. 

These are selected samples of their work, showcasing complex and unique projects in various sectors.

Jumeirah Lake Towers | Dubai

Jumeirah Lake Towers | Dubai

Program Management | Project Management

IPIC Headquarters | Abu Dhabi

IPIC Headquarters | Abu Dhabi

Design | Construction Supervision | Client Representation

Mecca Hotel Development Program

Mecca Hotel Development Program

Procurement Strategy | Contractor Prequalification | Offsite Methods

Al-Salaam City | UAE

Al-Salaam City | UAE

Development Management

Al-Rajihi Downtown | Riyadh

Al-Rajihi Downtown | Riyadh

Feasibility | Design

Kempinski Hotel | Dubai

Kempinski Hotel | Dubai

Feasibility | Design | Construction Management

GVRD Secondary Treatment Program

GVRD Secondary Treatment Program

PMO Directorship

Hilton Beach Resort | Ras Al-Khaima

Hilton Beach Resort | Ras Al-Khaima

Design | Construction Supervision | Client Representation

our clients

THE X factor

The X in MABRX is you.

You are not just a client, you are an integral part of our team who sits at our side of the table while we brainstorm, create, plan, organize and advance your ideas into reality. We are partners. 

We work very closely with our partners to understand their needs and visions, and utilize latest technologies to create more value, together.

Some of our valued clients and partners

our experienced leadership


MABRX | mɑː brɪks | :

A creative group of people who create, respond and advance your projects.  Intelligently. We’ve got all the expertise and skills you need to envision and realize your project.

At MABRX, we have a reliable network of reputed consultants, contractors and specialists with a vast and deep pool of expertise in every aspect of the services we provide. Led by our experienced principals, our teams deliver to exceed your expectations.

Brent Sather


Brent has immense experience in project, cost and construction management for projects of various sizes and purposes with an eye on strategic planning. He assumed leadership roles with large developers and consultants, and directed complex projects and teams around the world over the last four decades. 

Mazin Hakim | RIBA, LEED AP, PMP

Design & Projects Director

Mazin blends design excellence with strategic business growth and profitability. With over 30 years of experience, he leads and builds thriving cross-displinary teams through a culture of meritocracy and mentorship, and  fosters long term relationships with clients and stakeholders. 

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